We start our night in one of the most classic bars in Lapa at our meeting point at 8h30pm in our setting and presentation of the tour and the group with a welcome Caipirinha. Discover the best artisanal cachaças in Brazil, dozens of options and unique flavors. Local beers, good prices and a wide range of appetizers. We go to the biggest live Samba House in the region, with a bar, great drink options and appetizers with a DJ playing funk and pop music, here we serve a round of our Pirate Shot. We will then go to the best Pub in Lapa with an incredible karaoke, good options for eating and drinking. Enjoy a comfortable Pub in Rio with amazing people and enjoy our round of shots. We end the night in one of the best nightclubs in Rio with a DJ playing various styles such as Brazilian and international funk and pop. This club has great drinks, a dance floor and lots of lively people.


    Weekends (Friday and Saturday) in Rio are busier than during the week, this tour is more suitable for those looking for a fun night in crowded places, a busier night. We recommend for couples, groups of friends and people who want to enjoy good environments, with lots of music, different experiences and styles.


    The tour starts at 8:30 pm, the guides accompany the group until 12:30 am. Customers can stay at the last stop until the place closes without the need for the guide. The tour lasts 4 hours, with 1 hour in each place visited and can extend or reduce the time at any stop as long as the group requests and everyone is in agreement. All tickets are included, transportation is not included, but we can offer a car and van part price if requested in advance. Drinks and shots are included at some stops, these drinks will be served by our guides.


    Meeting point: Casa da cachaça bar 8h30pm

    Address: Avenida Mem de Sá 110A – Lapa


    It includes:


    + Pirate Guide

    + Welcome Caipirinha

    + 4 stops

    + pirate shots

    + Karaoke

    + live samba

    + Cachaça Roulette

    + Pirate pranks

    + Party tickets


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    Contact for questions and suggestions: +55 21 98141-2990

    Email: piratecrawlrio@gmail.com

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    Friday: Lapa Palooza!